Let me just start by saying that the day I had with Andy & Tegan really reminds me of how lucky I am to do what I do. Every weekend I get to meet such lovely couples, their families & friends and subsequently spend the happiest day of their life with them and provide them a bunch of memories to treasure forever. When I put it into words, it really hits home and I am now and forever will be thankful.

The immaculately kept property where the ceremony & reception was held, is owned by Andy's parents. The property sits in Upper Hermitage, with a wonderful view of the rolling Adelaide Hills. When they bought the property 25 years ago, it was just a house on a hill. Now the property has more flora & fauna than the bloody botanic gardens, #notevenjoking. They, with the help of a few others, put in so much effort to make the already amazing property, absolutely shine for the wedding day. After the ceremony, we spent 30 minutes taking photos around the property with the bridal party and then at sunset I snuck A & T for 10 minutes to make the most of the amazing light. That was literally all we needed in this gorgeous location.

Andy & Teegan and their bridal party of Brook & Marnie were an absolute blast to be around all day. I, hand on heart, don't think I've laughed so  much whilst hanging with a bridal party in recent memory. Don't even get me started on wonder celebrant, Hannah Dendy, make up extraordinaire and all round laugh, Sharon Nicolson & the lovely people running Miss Fisher, Kathy & Ross of Little Vintage Van & Bar. 

Andy & Teegan, not only are you both absolute 10's, you're two of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I felt like a member of the family by the end of the night, which is the greatest feeling. I wish you a lifetime of absolute happiness and nuzzling (especially nuzzle position 1).